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Long Dog is committed to a safe and secure online shopping experience! If at any point you are in doubt you can review others testimonials or contact me via email, phone or social media

Be the Human your dog thinks you are…

Long Dog, Doxies, Wiener Dogs, Sausage Dogs, Dachshunds…whatever you want to call them, we love them! Fun and unique Dachshund gifts FOR Dachshund lovers, BY Dachshund lovers. Show your love and devotion to the Long Dog in a fun, expressive way with our collectible gifts and accessories to satisfy any Dachshund enthusiast. This is a special place to shop, we are family brought together by our long bodied, short legged, big hearted little friends.


As my client base grew I decided to introduce something else very close to my heart – to try raise money for the main Dachshund Rescue organizations in South Africa. There are a few organizations that work tirelessly and are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dachshunds, crosses and honorary doxies across South Africa. Over and above the cost of each order I add an extra compulsory donation fee of R10. I’m sure everyone can afford R10 for a really great cause and hopefully we can make a small difference in a few little four legged lives!

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