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Long Dog is very much a labour of love. In 2014 our one Dachshund Lulu broke her back. It was a very emotional and testing time and we had to keep her still for two months. Now this was no easy feat….Lulu is the ‘Tomboy’ of our two sausages and her personality is about everything BUT ‘being still’.

I changed a lot of my lifestyle to be at home to care for and nurse her. In this time and with the incredible bond that formed between us, my brain went into overdrive and I started to research Dachshund themed products and businesses.

I spent many late nights with Lulu and her sister Mitzi lying next to me on the bed and the creative marketing side of me jumped into overdrive. I was often drawn to quirky little gifts and collectables with the specific dog theme and noticed that there was very little available in South Africa, and so my business plan came together.

My husband was away and when he returned I prepared to pitch my Long Dog concept…thinking, ‘Now he really is going to think I’m the crazy dog lady, been cooped up far too long with an injured dog!!

And so Long Dog came to life… an online shop for those who are dotty about Dachshunds!

About 5% of the range is imported; the rest is printed, handmade and crafted by local South African artists and companies.

And so Long Dog grew from a late night crazy idea into a business with real life and spirit. Lulu and Mitzi continue to be at my side through the decision making and on deliveries and trips to the couriers.

I hope you will get as much joy from these pages and from our gift ideas and creations as I have.

– Kerrie Bosse –

Longdog Shop by Kerrie Bosse
Longdog Shop by Kerrie Bosse
Longdog Shop by Kerrie Bosse