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Bye-bye to Georgie Boy

Bye-bye to Georgie Boy

We have had a very sad few weeks with the loss of numerous animals on the farm.

This weather has just been crazy…lots of rain, wind and then snaps of cold and we are finding that we are losing game on the farm due to lung infections.

We have also lost two very dear pets, Spotty the Alpaca and the most heartbreaking was saying goodbye to Georgeman, our 150kg rescue pig.

George was my wedding gift from my husband. He returned home one morning 4 days before our wedding with a very smelly and sick little pig in the bakkie. We nursed and loved him and he grew to 9 years old…  fat, happy and King of the farm.

George, Lulu and Mitzi grew up together and shared a bed for many years. They were inseparable. Our noisy black piggy and two little brown dachshunds.

Rest in peace our special boy. We miss you every day.

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