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Female Entrepreneur SA

I am so proud to be featured as one of the success stories in the March issue of BIZZBUZ.

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Long Dog, Doxies, Wiener Dogs, Sausage Dogs, Dachshunds… whatever you want to call them, we love them! Long Dog is an online shop with unique Dachshund gifts FOR Dachshund lovers, BY Dachshund lovers. It is a special place to shop, we are family brought together by our long bodied, short legged, big hearted linle friends. Mostly accessories for the owners but also
for the dogs.

I was blessed to be born a creative soul I studied journalism and photography and ran my own marketing business for years. I found the elements of the business that I was most passionate about were the artistic
creative ones. Putting ideas together, creat­ing concepts and then running with them. My husband and family have been pushing me for years to learn more on my creative side but life and the necessity to survive kept pulling me back into the corporate world. In 2014 our one Dachshund, Lulu broke her back. I changed a lot of my lifestyle to be at home to care for and nurse her. In this time and with the incredible bond that formed between us, my brain went into overdrive and I started to research Dachshund themed products and businesses. I noticed that there was very little available in South Africa and so long Dog grew from a late-night crazy idea into a business.

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