Lulu - Kerries muse for Long Dog

Lulu – My little muse

This little dog is the reason I started Long Dog.
Most of you know the story of how she broke her back and how I nursed her and got her healthy again. She is a feisty little soul and has always been the naughty, hunting, energetic sister.

Lulu has not been well and it is just heartbreaking to see the cheeky light in her eyes fading.

Lulu - Kerries muse for Long Dog
Lulu – Kerries muse for Long Dog

She was diagnosed with degenerative liver disease this week and we now have her on medication for a month to see how she goes before doing more blood tests.

She is a quiet, slow, sleepy little dog now. I just cannot get my head around it.

Thank you Jacqui Ruttimann for helping me find such a wonderful vet.

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