Bright painted canvasses

Meet Richard from Angel Hearts

Richard is the very special and gifted artist from Angel Hearts in Bloemfontein. He is responsible for all the original Dachshund canvas, paintings and trays available on Long Dog.

Richard experienced a massive trauma when he was a child and he stopped talking. With this disability he never attended school and the opportunities in his life were very limited. He loves to paint and taught himself when he was very young. It is his ‘happy place’ and he goes into his own world when a paintbrush is in his hand.

Recently the owner of Angel Hearts walked into the area where the staff sit and work and there is always a radio playing. She heard someone singing and looked around to see who it was. To her absolute amazement she saw it was Richard. She broke into tears and is so overjoyed as he really seems to have found his place…a place where he paints and feels safe.

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