Dachshund Leather Baby Shoes – Boys

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Leather Baby Shoes – Boys

Custom made leather Long Dog shoes for your human babies!
Sizes: 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4
Flexible soles give these little growing feet the perfect environment to develop and strengthen while learning to walk, in a nutshell “ No support is all they need”. Little feet get really hot because they exert a lot of energy, so it’s important that the shoe allows the feet to ‘breathe.’ A shoe made with unlined leather is ideal for a baby and toddler. Our shoes are unlined, so they absorb the moisture and then keep the feet cool), and they sport a soft, flexible, slip-resistant suede sole.
Size 0 (0-6months) Max foot length 10cm as the shoe is 10.5cm long
Size 1 (6-9months) Max foot length 11cm as the shoe is 11.5cm long
Size 2 (9-12months) Max foot length 12cm as the shoe is 12.5cm long
Size 3 (12-18months) Max foot length 13cm as the shoe is 13.5cm long
Size 4 (18-24months) Max foot length 14cm as the shoe is 14.5cm long

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