Tan Tuxedo – Two Sizes

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Tan Tuxedo

This tuxedo is made from good quality 100 % cotton material and is lined for a comfortable fit.

Featuring a bow tie along with decorative buttons on the back of the jackets and will show off your best friend’s personality. Clips for around the neck and Velcro around the chest, easy to put on and take off.

Great for special occasion and weekend party, weddings, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, special occasions.

Prices are worked out on the length (Back measurement of you Doggie) Once you know the length you will be able to choose which size, but we still need three measurements from you to custom fit the tuxedo correctly.

So please be sure to include the measurements when you purchase. (Neck, Girth & Length) Email me on

XS – 20 – 30cm – R430

SMAL – 30 – 36cm – R490

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